We bought the Trail-Gator a couple of years ago, but I didn;t post a review until I accidentally came across this product again and noticed few negative posts. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. On our small women’s frame bike with 26″ wheels, we were able to mount the Trail Gator over an Axiom adjustable rack. John Deere Trail Gator The gator sits, waiting, in the mud bank off the river, it's nearly perfect design has remained outwardly the same since it's inception. The wobble was much worse when towing my 48-pound 6-year-old. Does the Trail Gator work if you have a rack installed on your bike? The Trail Gator has a unique design for mounting and un-mounting, allowing for a fairly quick conversion from towing a child to having the child ride solo. But it’s also the most affordable towing option on the market. Gator ETX Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 137245 | Fits 2019 - 2021 New Body Style GMC Sierra 1500 & Chevrolet Silverado 1500 5' 10" Bed (70")| Made in the USA 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,497 $209.00 $ 209 . PO Box 928, Atkinson, NH 03811. Transmission Type: Automatic. All other devices are a mere "bump in the road" for even the most inept thief armed with a ratchet, 10 We’ve used a lot of tag along bikes and bike towing options. Tortoise Trail — (0.23 miles, Easy, Shade) This shortcut trail divides Piney Wood Loop in half. PICKUP ONLY MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 8:00 AM TO 4:00 PM. 37 Padlock, which is the next best coupler protection. To be fair, this may not occur with your Trail Gator. We are sorry, but who can’t yet right a pedal bike, probably had the most fun of all. It’s important to understand some potential issues you may encounter before you decide to buy it. We reached out to Trail Gator for help, and they provided several different potential solves. Fits couplers up to 4-1/8" (inches) wide and up to 11-7/8" (inches) long. I found my son loved it and i used to forget he was on the back until he shouted or … Page 2, John Deere Trail Gator Parts and Accessories - The gator sits, waiting, in the mud bank off the river, it's nearly perfect design has remained outward Just to verify that I wasn’t alone, I read many Amazon reviews of parents with the same frustrations. This trail can be wet during the rainy season. I switched to a tag along bike off EBAY and didn't look back, No different to a gator bar or trail angel in that when you get to various obstacles you end up taking the trailing bike off to get through. shipped by UPS Ground may take longer, depending on your location. Where the biggest difficulty came for us was in trying to find the right way to position the metal arms around the head tube. By Kevin Mims. All content and images are copyrighted and should not be used or replicated in any way. To unmount the child’s bike mid-ride, you start by removing the quick release from the child’s mounting plate. All opinions provided on Two Wheeling Tots are strictly that of Two Wheeling Tots LLC. The Trailer Gator™’s design prevents the coupler from being taken off and replaced by covering the This makes the Trail Gator a great solution if you want the functionality of both a child bike and a trailer cycle, but you don’t have enough storage space for both. buy the trailer GatorTM just uncheck the ML No. Free shipping. Our 2.5-year-old toddler (36 lbs.) Note: We were unable to fit the arm into the bracket with a rear rack installed. Align the holes to then insert and tighten the quick release. One issue we experienced on our first set of rides was that the child bike leaned to the side almost the entire time we were riding. La notice décrit les différentes fonctions ainsi que les principales causes de dysfontionnement. The Trail Gator tow arm is a unique tool that allows you to safely tow your child on their own bike. The Trail-Gator has allowed our youngest son to ride the trails with the rest of the family even though he only has a small single speed bike. (Both of these happened to us, and you’ll find plenty of people complaining about it on Amazon.). The adult bike attachment is similar to many other trailer cycles. 360° Photos. If for any reason we do not have a Trailer Gator that is right for you, let us know! Inventor of the Trailer Gator, Adam Pappalardo, purchased a boat in 2005. 37 Padlock, which is the next best coupler protection. There are a ton of parts and pieces separated into several different bags, but they aren’t all grouped together in a way that makes sense. If your seat post is between 1″ – 1.16″, you’ll need to insert one or both of the included shims into the hitch before you place it over your seat post. I sucked it up and started walking. Trailer Gator™ securely fits around a trailer coupler and is locked in place with any of the various Items All opinions and images are that of Two Wheeling Tots LLC. The Trail Gator would have worked fine if we didn’t have the racks installed. So get out your glass of patience, and take a big gulp! Attach the Trail Gator and give them a boost of confidence (and your strength! We didn’t do the whole hike, though. The wobble is probably due to the telescoping arm design and the connection to the child bike, both of which are unique to the Trail Gator and introduce some additional instability. please add details to the addtional info box and provides us with the measurements. And there are so many steps. In the twinkling of an eye the Trail-Gator tandem bar turns a usual kids bike into a towed bike. It’s important to note that the mounting plate can scratch the paint on the head tube of the child’s bike. This is the bolt and nut that attaches coupler to the trailer tongue. This trailer coupler locking device is designed to protect smaller trailers. After removing the quick release and then the tow arm from the child’s bike, the child bike receiver is small enough that the child can comfortably ride the bike with the receiver still installed. This is probably due to the telescoping arm design and the connection to the child bike, both of which are unique to the Trail Gator and introduce some additional instability. Important Note. All content and images are copyrighted and should not be used or replicated in any way. Trailer Gator™ is made from a hardened steel frame which defies cutting. The Trail Gator is a bit wobbly, similar to the “wobble factor” we also found with the popular WeeRide Co-Pilot. To complete your on-line order, View our, Best Tag Along Bikes and Towing Options page, Small and easy to store – great option for the “just in case” scenario, Child can easily be removed or reattached to the adult bike at any point during the ride, Child feels like they are riding along with their parent, Installation is very time-consuming and instructions can be confusing, Kids can engage their rear brakes and produce drag, May cause your child’s bike to lean to the side during the entire ride, Your child gets tired half way through a ride and isn’t willing (or even able) to make it back on their own, You want to go on a longer ride than a child is capable of. Trailer Gator™ attaches in seconds and is designed for use while the This trailer coupler locking device is designed to protect medium trailers. Since the Trailer Gator™ must fully close around coupler, it may be necessary for you to install the proper size coupler bolts. To ride attached, simply unclip the tow bar from the stored position on the adult bike, extend it, and connect it to the receiver, which is mounted on the child's bike. All opinions and images are that of Two Wheeling Tots LLC. Fits couplers up to 4-1/8" (inches) wide and up to 9-6/8" (inches) long. BEST FOR: Families who need a temporary fix to tow small kids during bike rides. Not too far after the logs was the non-negotiable swamp walk. The removed arm is very small and easy to store. Small and compact, it’s easy to bring along for the ride for those “just in case” scenarios. The Trail-Gator is the proven concept to make longer family bicycle tours possible and has been the market leader for 30 years. ... After the auction the buyer receive notice by email. Like most things in life, their quality and ease-of-use are directly related to their price point. 7-year-old, who never gets towed anymore, was laughing the entire time. This trailer coupler locking device is designed to protect large trailers. Drive: 4 WD. The child’s handlebars should not move when using the Trail Gator. In-stock items are generally shipped within 24 to 48 hours. See wading birds, alligators (hence the name) and other assorted wildlife in the dunes and in the lake itself. It’s also quite easy to put in your suitcase to take with you anywhere! Singing and throwing her hands in the air like she was on a ride at Disneyland. coupler from being detached and is compatible with multiple locks and padlocks. However, there are a fair amount of Amazon reviews that also mention leaning problems. To achieve this, a small stabilizer rod swings down from the tow bar and connects to a clamp on the front fork of the child’s bike. Do not use the tow bar with child bikes having training wheels in the down position as they prevent the child bike from leaning when cornering, and can cause serious injury to riders. Our limited office times can cause a delay. If you’re going for a ride without your child passenger, you can also remove the Trail Gator arm entirely via a quick release. Sold Price: $1,800.00. 00 On flat sections of paved trail I unhook him and let him cycle on his own. Yes, most coupler locks will work, however, we recommend the Master MUST HAVE PAID INVOICE. The child’s front tire should be 3-5″ off the ground. You need the Master Lock No. 5 business days from the time your package leaves our warehouse. If your child needs training wheels when riding solo, you can purchase flip-up training wheels that you can move up when towing the child bike and move down when the child is riding alone. ), Extend the tow bar to full length and insert the safety pin to lock it in place. It’s unobtrusive enough to keep the hitch on between uses. TRAIL-GATOR BIKE TOW BAR 16-20" RED, *COMPLETE WITH ALL PARTS & INSTRUCTIONS* £79.95. has been tested against new and old methods alike for would-be thieves giving you a quality piece of mind. TRAIL - GATOR (Mode d'emploi) Manuel utilisateur TRAIL GATOR - Cette notice d'utilisation originale (ou mode d'emploi ou manuel utilisateur) contient toutes les instructions nécessaires à l'utilisation de l'appareil. Local No. Weight also plays a factor – the wobble was more noticeable when towing our 48-pound 6-year-old tester. While its potential for wobbling and leaning aren’t ideal, for the price it does ride impressively well. The Trailer Gator™ is not designed for this complex trailer coupler. Copyright © 2020 Two Wheeling Tots, LLC. Inventor of the Trailer Gator, Adam Pappalardo, purchased a boat in 2005. To attach the clamp to the fork, you have to remove the front wheel of the child’s bike. My mountain bike’s seat post was too wide, so we had to mount the Trail Gator on a different bike. You can pick 2nd hand trailabike off ebay or similar for £30 or £40 or so. But if your seat post is too wide, it just won’t work at all. If we couldn’t fix the issue, we knew we would never really use the Trail Gator. Trailer Gator from being slid off. When a child is riding independently, there is the potential for child’s hand brake cables to catch on the metal mounting plate, especially when they turn the handlebars sharply. On our larger Fuji hybrid bike and Priority Classic Gotham bike (both have racks installed), we were not able to use the Trail Gator. While it’s called Gator Hook Trail, we only saw one gator and a couple babies on our way out. take longer to process. 7 product ratings 7 product ratings - Trail-Gator Child Kids Bicycle Tow Bar Attachment Red Tandem Training 12-20 inch. $75.00. Because this involves tools, you probably won’t want to take it on and off very often. Lock is shipped separately. complements the Trailer GatorTM. The Trail-Gator Bicycle Tow Bar converts an ordinary child's bike into a safe, towable trailer bike, whenever desired. Auction Ended: Tue ... All items not purchased will be resold by public or private sale without further notice, at my risk and expense. YOU DID IT! Training wheels are the norm and your child can’t ride long distances that way. Coffee Gator Cafetiere Coffee Maker - Less Sediment, Hotter-for-Longer, Thermal French Press Brewer - Large Capacity, Double-Wall Insulated Stainless Steel - 1 Litre - … The Trail Gator will not work with every bike, so here are a few insights from our experience. Serial Number: UNKNOWN. The Trail Gator converts any kids’ bike into a towable trailer cycle by quickly and securely connecting the child’s bike to the adult’s bike. The depth is 2 5/8" (inches) from the top of the coupler to the bottom of the coupler-inside dimension. The spacing shims in the fork clamp can also scratch the paint. and peace of mind the moment you purchase a Trailer Gator™! 64 AUCTION-ONLINE ONLY-WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 30,,2020. Compare. For wildlife watchers, the Gator Lake Trail at St. Andrews State Park offers a ton of viewing opportunities in a small space. Bureau™. Our design prevents the This was especially true with the trailer coupler. In full transparency, we had a heck of a time getting our Trail Gator to work right, but once we did, it was SO. trailer is detached from the vehicle and/or being stored. coupler locks on the market. soon as possible. When she's not testing bikes, Carrie's actually still testing bikes. All. So you’ll spend a bit of time finding the right parts at the right time. Yes, this is a lot of steps to a very complex installation process! Gator TS 8 Gator TX & TX Turf 10 Gator TE (electric) 12 Gator TH 6x4 Diesel 14 • Unibody frame • Wide, low cargo bed • Extremely turf-friendly • Low centre of gravity The “workhorses” of the Traditional Series give you extreme effi ciency and safety – without compromising on comfort and ease of operation. Make offer - TRAIL-GATOR BIKE TOW BAR 16-20" RED, *COMPLETE WITH ALL PARTS & INSTRUCTIONS* Trail Gator Bicycle Towbar Childs 16" - 20" Wheel Tag Along Trailer In … After it took me an hour to get the mounting block right, I wasn’t super excited to discover I had to add these shims. It depends. (139) 139 product ratings - Trail Gator 640020 Tow Bar for Bike , Red The Trail Gator does not affect the child bike’s rear brakes in any way, so the child rider can brake unexpectedly while riding. Bikes in the house, bikes in the garage... bikes are everywhere and it's the best way of life. The Trail Gator fits almost all kids’ bikes with wheels 12” to 20” in diameter.