Cross has double-crossed them, and the room is depressurising. On Earth, the President and the Draconian ambassador (who is also the Emperor's son) accuse each other of attacking their ships and violating the frontier between the two empires established by treaty. With Jon Pertwee, Katy Manning, Roger Delgado, Vera Fusek. Release details In the scene selection for episode two, the image used for chapter 6 actually comes from episode three. [7], In 2010, Patrick Mulkern of Radio Times awarded it four stars out of five and recalled that it was "surprising and exciting" on first viewing, though in retrospect it seemed to be "a lumbering wannabe-epic with screeds of padding, duff cliffhangers and endless scenes of the Doctor and Jo banged up". The serial set the stage for the storyline that was later expanded into the Second Dalek War. According to the BBC's Audience Research Report, Frontier in Space was well received by viewers at the time of broadcast. Reunited with Jo in a cell in the Master's ship, the Doctor wonders why he is still alive. The emperor, like the president, is hesitant. The notion of the hypnosound was developed to replace the physical masks the Ogrons wore in the original storyline. The Third Doctor and Jo are caught in the escalating tension between planets Earth and Draconia and discover that the Master and the Daleks are secretly working to provoke the two into all-out war. The Ogrons' energy weapons stun the two pilots and the Doctor. The Doctor points out that the Ogrons are mercenaries. This was the last time Target would give a novelisation a substantially different title than that of the serial on which it was based. The Draconian captain tells them all diplomatic relations with Earth have been severed. [2] Recalling the production of this story he noted that filming near the Haywood Gallery at the South Bank was made difficult due to a number of "homeless people and drunks" lying around the area. Doctor Who - S10E03 (067) - Frontier in Space (6).ogv download 106.8M Doctor Who - S10E04 (068) - Planet of the Daleks (1).ogv download Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Jo hears the sound of the sonic device and realises it is the Ogrons. It indicates the Doctor is telling the truth, which he is calmly repeating over and over. Violating Draconian space is punishable by death. When Hardy goes to get weapons, he meets the Doctor, but, thanks to the sound emitted by the enemy ship, he sees the Doctor and Jo as Draconians whilst Jo sees Hardy as a Drashig. As the ship arrives on Draconia, the prince is speaking with his father, asking for permission to strike first at Earth. This decision would appear to have been made at a late stage, which explains why Mitchell is still credited both on-screen and in, Episode six had to be revised after it was delivered by director, Episode five is one of only two episodes in, When the Doctor uses the stolen hypnosound to appear as a Dalek to the Ogron guard in episode six, his commands are provided by Dalek voice actor, Reviewers have observed that the precipitating incident of the first Earth-Draconia war, as depicted in this story, is very similar to the beginning of the. His character was meant to have a final encounter with the Doctor in the serial The Final Game, which was scrapped. He staggers to the console, dematerialises the ship, then presses his palms to the telepathic circuits, sending a message to the Time Lords. A firefight breaks out on the flight deck, just as an Earth battlecruiser shows up. BBC1 As the Earth cargo ship C982 moves through hyperspace, it narrowly avoids a collision with the TARDIS, which dematerialises out of the way and rematerialises in the ship's hold. Last Alteration: Sunday 07 April 2013. The Prince expects such a response from Williams — after all, he started the first war. Paul Bernard Frontier in Space was Paul Bernard's last Doctor Who work. The Master is delighted. Frontier in Space It was the last serial to feature Roger Delgado in the role of the Master. The Master found out about the Doctor and Jo's presence when the Ogrons brought him the TARDIS. Answering the Prince's question, the Doctor explains that the Daleks want a war between Earth and Draconia so both empires will destroy each other, and then the Daleks can pick up the pieces. Despite his fantastic story, Dale believes the Doctor. As they cross the frontier into Earth space, they spot a ship following them. Main setting: Premiere broadcast: Ogrons had immense strength, far greater than a human. Williams's hostility to the Draconians is well known — it was his actions that started the last war between the two — and the Prince believes Williams wants war again, a war, the Prince warns the President, that will see Earth destroyed. It is further notable as the final appearance of Roger Delgado in Doctor Who before his death. The President agrees to break off diplomatic relations but will not go further without conclusive proof. At the last moment, the Master arrives and restores the room's atmosphere. When they look at the ridge, they see the Master, accompanied by several Daleks, who exterminate Williams' men before they can fire. As the space walking Doctor opens the airlock in episode four, there is a technician visible inside it. When the Draconian ship did not answer hails, Williams gave the order to attack. When the wiping of episodes ended in 1978 it was discovered that episodes 1, 2, 3 & 6 had only survived as black and white telerecordings for overseas sales. Uncredited on-screen for episode two, due to one of the cast credit slides for episode one being inadvertently reused, but credited in. In the mid-1980s PAL copies were returned from broadcasters in Australia. (PROSE: The Romance of Crime, Mission: Impractical) They were around seven feet tall, with bowed legs, long arms and barrel chests. Frontier In Space (Doctor Who) Doctor Who Jon Pertwee Space Third Notes Display Tenth Doctor. On Earth, the President and the Draconian ambassador (who is also the Emperor's son) accuse each other of attacking the other's ships and violating the frontier established by treaty between the two empires. It enters the flight deck and in the struggle cuts the ship's speed. Williams and the president receive records from the Dominion government of Sirius IV, a colony planet with some autonomy. The Doctor tries to open the door, but it is locked. During episode two when the Doctor rolls back on his chair to escape his Draconian captors, it is quite obvious that he isn't. But when she helps him getting inside the TARDIS, the gun disappears. Doctor Who and the Space War He tries to hypnotise Jo, first with his own powers and then with the hypnosound. Music: As the Third Doctor determines that they are in the 26th century, Jo sees a ship come alongside. The Doctor tries to convince the President that a third party is trying to provoke the two empires into war. On the Moon, the Doctor meets Professor Dale of the Peace Party, who shows him around. He brings the two travellers to confront the Draconian Prince, but the Doctor denies working for the Draconians nor does the Prince recognise them. [7] Paul Cornell, Martin Day, and Keith Topping wrote of the serial in The Discontinuity Guide (1995), "Worthy, very well directed and designed to the hilt with a solid costuming policy for both empires. Well, that frontier is about to erupt into full-scale war. Malcolm Hulke Once he is back in the cell with Jo, she hears the same sound as on C982. The two pilots, Stewart and Hardy, send out a distress signal and prepare for battle. The serial was first broadcast in six weekly parts on BBC1 from 24 February to 31 March 1973. As with Carnival Of Monsters, Frontier In Space was originally assembled using Paddy Kingsland's new “Delaware” arrangement of the Doctor Who theme music. Producer: Introdujo a los Draconians y presentó el regreso del Amo. They burst in, guns blazing, and retreat with the Master, leaving several dead Draconians in their wake. Contrary to common belief, season 10 kicked off in the last week of December 1972 — not in 1973, as would be expected. A page for describing Recap: Doctor Who S10 E3 "Frontier in Space". The Gold Dalek agrees, and leaves for its ship, to go and prepare the Dalek army on another planet. The president agrees to break off diplomatic relations but will go no further without conclusive proof. Williams refuses to believe it and orders increased power, but the probe overloads. Hayward Gallery, Belvedere Road, Lambeth, London, Beachfields Quarry, Cormongers Lane, Redhill, Surrey. The Doctor tells Jo the story of his trial. The crew perceive the Doctor, Jo and the attackers as Draconians, whose empire currently rivals Earth's for control of the galaxy. As the Doctor takes evasive action, the captive Ogron breaks out of its cell, overpowering its Draconian guard. The Doctor points out, however, that the Ogrons are mercenaries. Credited for episode two, but appears only in episode one. The peace with the Draconians lasted many years but suddenly devolved into senseless acts of hostility. Earth Vs Draconia - Doctor Who - Frontier in Space - BBC - Duration: 3:22. The Doctor climbs outside the prison ship. A commissioner from the Dominion has arrived to claim jurisdiction — the Master. Director: The two travellers get locked up again as C982 heads back to Earth. General Williams reports to the President that a mission to rescue C982 is being prepared. 1. The Doctor, barely conscious, asks Jo to help him into the TARDIS. The crew preceive the Doctor & Jo. It was believed that this mixture of traits was due to climatic changes on their home planet. The Gold Dalek agrees and leaves for its ship to prepare the Dalek army on another planet. Main enemy: Williams's party hears the roar of a spaceship landing, and when they look up on the ridge, they see the Master... accompanied by several Daleks, who exterminate Williams's men before they can even fire. He brings the two travellers to confront the Draconian Prince, but the Doctor denies working for the Draconians. As the Emperor considers this, a courtier announces that an Earth spaceship has arrived. The Doctor accuses the Master of trying to start a war between Earth and Draconia using Ogrons and the hypnosound device. The Doctor takes him by surprise. The final sequence in the Master's headquarters was intended to contain the giant Ogron-eating monster, but director Paul Bernard did not like the costume and omitted it, leaving the scene with just frightened Ogrons running away from something unseen. The Doctor tries to gain Dale's trust and includes him in his plans for escape. Well, except for a doddery old peace activist in pyjamas. The novel abandons the cliffhanger ending of the televised program and has the Doctor simply leaving the Master on the Ogron world to pursue the Daleks. 8A Fitzroy Park at Highgate, London, which was used as the exterior of the Draconian embassy, was at the time the home of another BBC director, Naomi Capon. In the Draconian embassy, the Prince arranges to help Jo and the Doctor "escape" so that they can be questioned. The Master, Gold Dalek Dudley Simpson During editing, the first scene of episode three, following the reprise, was drastically cut down for timing reasons: a key background scene was eliminated and the character of Sheila, assistant to the President of Earth, was reduced to merely that of a walk-on who massaged the President whilst she talked to her secretary. This means that war is not far off, and, indeed, cries for war from Earth are at a fever pitch. There is no linking or other HTML allowed. An Ogron reports that one of their ships found and attacked two Earth cargo ships, destroying one. The captain decides to lock up all three of them and take them back to Draconia. The Master and the Ogrons scatter. The Doctor tells Williams and the Prince to get the word back to their respective governments and mount a joint expedition against the base on the Ogron planet. Frontier in Space (1973) Starring: Jon Pertwee, Katy Manning, Roger Delgado. The prince, the Doctor and Jo will take the Master's police ship. However, by the time they identify it as the Ogron ship, it has already launched its missiles. 24 February - 31 March 1973 In fear, it unlocks the cell gate. JO: Oh, that's good. Luan Peters had previously appeared in The Macra Terror (1967) under her stage name Karol Keyes. The emperor decides the Ogron must be shown to the Earth authorities, but a Draconian ship would be shot down. Jo's mind is strong enough to resist. Instead of a silver emitter ring head, it now sported a red emitter ring head, with the addition of two semi-circular black magnets attached to the end, and the extending section of the screwdriver which once contained a red band and a set of alternating yellow and black coiling stripes was now unpainted in a plainly metallic colour scheme. Remember, however, that this list only gives the first year in which an episode from a series was broadcast. Big strings can be seen holding up the Doctor when he exits the Master's stolen prison transport ship in episode four, and again for his second spacewalk in episode six. However, the Master secretly activates a device whose signal is picked up by the Ogrons. His ship has been detected in orbit. It enters the flight deck and in the struggle cuts the ship's speed. He demands the president grant him the authority to strike first against the Draconians. Production order However, once inside the airlock, they find that the suits' oxygen tanks are empty. 6 As a whole, ‘Frontier in Space’ is a superb example of just how grand the scope of Doctor Who can be, relying on its leads and core villain to carry an intriguing tale of two powerhouses on the brink of total destruction. John Woodnutt had previously played Hibbert in Spearhead from Space (1970) and would later play the dual roles of Broton and the Duke of Forgill in Terror of the Zygons (1975) as well as Seron in The Keeper of Traken (1981). There is a 75 character minimum for reviews. The battlecruiser was unarmed, its missile banks empty, and the reason it did not answer was because its communications systems were destroyed in the same neutron storm that had damaged Williams's ship. The captain locks up all three of them to take back to Draconia. This model of the sonic screwdriver remained in use by the Doctor all the way up to his fifth incarnation midway through season 19, where it was written out of the series in The Visitation. She pockets the hypnosound, then finds a pad with the coordinates of the planet and bunker on it and transmits a distress signal with the information. As the Earth cargo ship C982 moves through hyperspace, it narrowly avoids a collision with the TARDIS. When the Doctor revives and releases Jo, she tells him what the Ogrons did, and wonders if they are working for the Daleks, as they were when she first met them. Once back in the cell with Jo, however, she hears the same sound as on C982. News of the attack spreads and anti-Draconian riots break out on Earth, with the opposition calling for the government to take action. Williams prepares his personal scout ship, with the Doctor and the Prince accompanying and heads at maximum speed to the coordinates the Doctor took from the Master's ship. Reunited with Jo in a cell in the Master's ship, the Doctor wonders why he is still alive. The Master puts Jo in an airlock, threatening to eject her into space if the Doctor does not surrender, but the Doctor takes him by surprise. Caroline Hunt previously appeared in The Reign of Terror (1964). The Draconians question the Doctor, believing that he is involved in a plot with Williams to provoke a new war. The Doctor is sentenced to life imprisonment at a lunar penal colony while Jo encounters an old enemy. 35. The Doctor suggests an expedition to the Ogron homeworld, but Williams thinks it is a Draconian trick to divide Earth's forces. Earth, The Moon, Draconia, Ogron planet, 2540 Williams now intends to lead the expedition to the Ogron planet himself. The Ogrons open fire on the landing party, but are frightened away by an orange, slug-like lizard they call the Eater. The Earth battlecruiser places the Doctor's ship under arrest. Companion(s): One accidentally knocks the Master's arm, making him fire, the shot grazing the Doctor's head. The Doctor's story would explain a great deal. Jo's tights change colour from scene to scene (and occasionally she isn't wearing any at all). The DVD booklet of the Region 2 version, in the section describing the commentary, the images of Barry Letts & Terrance Dicks are mismatched to each other's biography. In the serial, the Daleks employ the Master to provoke a war between the humans and the Draconians' galactic empires. The Master sets the automatic controls for the Ogron homeworld. The records "prove" the Doctor and Jo are citizens of Sirius IV and career criminals. The Master is delighted, as this means that war is not far off, and indeed, demands for war from Earth are at a fever pitch. When Hardy goes to get weapons, he meets the Doctor, but sees him and Jo as Draconians. The second escape goes no better than the first: the Doctor is recaptured yet again and the Ogrons disappear. Frontier In Space VHS. DOCTOR: Well, this is an Earth police spaceship, you know, sir. Without the Ogron, the president is unconvinced. The Doctor once served as a delegate at the, In a moment of leisure, the Master relaxes with a copy of, While distracting the Master so the Doctor can get to the outside of the ship, Jo mentions that people thought of her job at UNIT as hanging out with, The conclusion of this story ends on a cliffhanger leading straight into, An unfortunate error was made at the time of production, whereby one of the on-screen cast credit slides for episode one was inadvertently substituted for one of those from episode two.